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Remora Project

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Remora Project Mission: 

Engage the aviation community (pilots, OEMs, developers, advocacy groups, etc.) to promote the adaption of low cost head mounted displays (HMD) in the cockpit to enhance flight safety by making critical flight data available no matter where a pilot is looking.

The Remora Project builds on award winning concept that won EAA's 2017 Founder's Innovation Prize.    

HMDs provide safety enhancing situational awareness by displaying critical fight data within the pilot's field of regard even when not looking at the instrument panel.  Having critical flight data is particularly useful during critical stages of flight requiring a "head out scan" such as around the landing pattern, searching for traffic and during dynamic maneuvering.

Based on a couple of years testing, we find that the following indications are most useful on HMDs:

  • Airspeed

  • Ball

  • Angle of Attack

Currently a head mounted display system can be implemented using readily available commercially available components.  Our hope is that head mounted displays become standard equipment in every cockpit.

For questions, suggestions, and inquiries, please email us @

Basic Components

Displayable screens - Levil App

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