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Remora System

Remora is an open source supplemental "head-out-display." Whilst it is actually able to display anything on a smart device it is best used to display critical flight data such as:

  • AOA + Airspeed

  • Full PFD

  • ADS-B In


Most of us acknowledge the utility of smartphones and tablets in the cockpit. However, they increase heads down time. This concept we believe is a better way of displaying information in flight, because it allows access to critical information whilst keeping a heads out scan.  

Finding what to display is a balance of detail and volume of information and will require inputs from pilot community and the cooperation of manufacturers.

Basic implementation costs as little as $220, with just the VuFine and dongle.

With the Levil BOM ($2000), which gives air data and ADS-B in, it is still a bargain considering current alternatives.

In theory, it can draw data from existing Wifi enabled EFIS (like Dynon Skyview)...

It can be implemented in experimental and certified (under NORSEE) aircraft requiring zero aircraft modifications.

Basic Components

Displayable screens - Levil App